Our Features

Phantom Wallet Integration for Simplified Access: Solbook introduces seamless integration with Phantom Wallet, revolutionizing how you connect to the ecosystem. Say goodbye to traditional login methods and hello to direct access via your digital wallet. Your SOL balance or $BOOK tokens become keys to a vibrant community of enthusiasts, enabling interactions, tipping, NFT username minting and trading, and token staking in an immersive journey.

Decentralized Media Storage via IPFS: Leverage the power of IPFS for decentralized content storage, enhanced by a strategic partnership between Filecoin and Solana. This collaboration propels decentralized file storage forward, ensuring your text and media content remains independent from centralized entities like Amazon or Microsoft, embodying true decentralization.

Censorship DAO: Censorship DAO: a DAO for $BOOK token holders will be established so that content moderation and censorship rules will be managed by the holders himself via a voting mechanism on a quarterly basis. In the initial phase, censorship will be managed by the platform itself to ensure compliance, but once the DAO is established $BOOK holders will vote on the rules on how content will be moderated.

NFT Username Marketplace: all usernames in the platform will be unique and minted into a solana NFT on-chain. These will be freely tradable via a dedicated marketplace on app.solbook.io by using $BOOK token as a currency. Some premium usernames (e.g. satoshinakamoto) will be reserved by the platform and sold via dedicated auctions.

Revenue Sharing: a portion of the fees collected from dedicated activities such as NFT minting, auctions, DAO voting and ads on the platform will be shared with $BOOK token holders via airdrops.

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